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World Cup Jerseys for Qatar 2022

World Cup Jerseys for Qatar 2022

The field is finally set and the 2022 World Cup is nearly upon us. This time every four years is of course thrilling for the action on the field, but it’s also when all the kit manufacturers bring out the World Cup Jerseys for the 32 teams with new designs.

For certain teams, there is little surprise when their uniform unveiling occurs, because we know Brazil will be wearing yellow, England all-white, Argentina in blue and white stripes, and so on. Messing around with absolutely iconic looks too much would be sacrilege, but for secondary kits and for some of the underdog nations, there is more flexibility and a chance for some truly interesting designs. There is something special about a World Cup jersey – if things go right for a nation at the world’s biggest tournament, that year’s shirt design is etched in the history books forever.

The World Cup also acts as a platform for the big manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma (among others) to launch their latest technology and templates, stuff we’ll be seeing for the next few years on both the international and club soccer circuits. We can’t wait to see what the world’s kit producers have up their sleeves for 2022.

World Cup Jerseys: The Basics of A Kit

What makes up a football kit? What’s the purpose? Couldn’t the players run around wearing any old shirts? Of course not.

Whether you call it a kit, uniform, jersey, strip, or something else, you need a uniformly-looking (that’s why they’re called uniforms, after all) outfit for your team to wear so the referees, fans, and commentators can tell the two teams apart. The ten field players on each side will all have matching shirts, shorts and socks, with each side’s goalkeeper wearing colors that are different from both sets of field players.

For friendlies and the club game, there is a bit more freedom when it comes to designs, but for the World Cup, every team needs two distinct uniform sets – one primarily light colored, one dark. Each kit must be primarily one color or design (i.e. the majority of the kit from head to toe needs to be the main color/design). This is so no matter the matchup, each team will have a kit option that doesn’t clash with the other.

In light of the design guidelines, we tend to see more traditional, simpler shirts in most cases for the World Cup compared to in the big clubs and leagues. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get some absolute bangers each cycle, as the manufacturers are not only outfitting the teams’ equipment needs, but also trying to sell the latest shirts to fans and collectors all over the world.

Standout World Cup Jerseys

Classic World Cup Jersey Designs

Some of the many memorable designs from previous editions of the World Cup

In years past, especially since the explosion of the retail jersey market in the early 1990s, we’ve seen some incredible designs. USA’s famous (or is it infamous) 1994 denim look, Cameroon’s 2002 vests, and Nigeria’s 2018 zig-zags are just a few of the memorable unconventional kits, while each cycle we always also see variations on the classics from nations like Argentina, Brazil and the Netherlands.  

2022’s World Cup Jerseys

Let’s take a look at what each nation will be wearing this Fall in Qatar. We’ll be updating this page as each nation releases their World Cup jerseys, so check back for the latest designs!

World Cup Jerseys: Group A:


Qatar Home Kit Qatar Away Kit>

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Qatar Shirts

The hosts are going with a relatively understated look overall, with an especially plain home option in maroon. The only detailing here is the Qatar flag pattern on the sleeve cuffs. The away is definitely more interesting, with a swirling geometric pattern meant to evoke pearl divers and sandstorms.


Ecuador Home Kit Ecuador Away Kit

Manufacturer: Marathon
Find Ecuador Shirts

Ecuador’s home shirt is in vibrant yellow, with a geometric texture throughout and trim in navy and red. The away is a dark navy blue, featuring a gorgeous geometric tonal pattern and silver badge and maker’s mark. Both shirts feature a small Ecuadorian tricolor flag emblem on the sleeves.


Senegal Home Kit Senegal Away Kit

Senegal Jersey Supplier: Puma
Find Senegal Shirts

Senegal’s home shirt is, according to Puma, a tribute to the 2002 side that made the quarterfinals in their first ever World Cup appearance. It doesn’t really look anything like their 2002 shirt design, but it’s a nice sentiment. The bold chevron on the chest will definitely make them stand out, and the large, centered star from the national flag is an interesting touch (a move Puma also has used on the 2022 Ghana tops). The bright green, yellow and red from the flag as trim on the sleeves and collar look terrific, but perhaps clash a bit with the big wider stripes of color on the chest design. The away is green with a bold, bright angular frame to hold the shirt number. It features the national flag, team crest, a “Lions” wordmark, and large “SEN” tonal letters. As opposed to other Puma away tops of this theme in white, the colored versions (this one and Ghana) seem to work better, but still it’s a jarring design choice.


Netherlands Home Kit Netherlands Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Netherlands Shirts

The Dutch will have their traditional orange, through this time around it’s in a lighter shade than usual and with a textured pattern that almost looks like satin. Black details finish the home shirt that is an interesting take on a classic. The away is in dark blue with black and red/orange trim, an interesting color palette but a bit boring on Nike’s template that looks more like a training top.

World Cup Jerseys: Group B:


England Home Kit England Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find England Shirts

England will be wearing the traditional white home kits, this time with a blue gradient design down the shoulders, with matching dark navy and light blue sleeve cuff trim. The away is much more striking, in bright red with dark and light blue detailing – really a distinctive look and definitely the stronger of the two offerings.


Iran Home Kit Iran Away Kit

Manufacturer: Majid

As of this time, Iran’s 2022 World Cup kits coming soon.


USA Home Kit USA Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find USA Shirts

Apparently “drawing inspiration from the United States’ diversity and storied legacy across a variety of sports, leagues, and associations”, the USA kits for 2022 have caused quite a stir amongst the fanbase to say the least. The home white is reminiscent of an American gridiron football jersey, with mid-sleeve stripes and mirrored Nike swooshes on each sleeve. The away in blue features a tie-dye pattern, with the same double sleeve Nike emblems. Each top has the USA crest centered on the chest, and a bit larger than usual.


Wales Home Kit Wales Away Kit

Manufacturer: Adidas
Find Wales Shirts

Wale’s first foray back into the World Cup since 1958 will be in a sharp red top. Their outstanding dragon crest adorns a nearly all red and white shirt, with a tonal zig-zag texture throughout and thin green and white trim on the collar. The away top is primarily white with red and green detailing, including an interesting collar pattern than is replicated as the side panels come up the back behind the sleeves.

World Cup Jerseys: Group C:


Argentina Home Kit Argentina Away Kit

Argentina Jersey Supplier: Adidas
Find Argentina Shirts

Argentina is rocking a classic look in Qatar, with the iconic white and sky blue stripes front and center on their home top. It’s trimmed with black details on the collar, sleeve cuffs, adidas logo and numbering. The back features a clever full body center stripe that is a vertically hung national flag, with the “Sun of May” emblem applied at the rear neck. The aways are a dark blue with lavender trim. The body of the shirt features an almost flame-like design, with a silver badge and Adidas logo to top it off.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Home Kit Saudi Arabia Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Saudi Arabia Shirts

Saudi Arabia has released a very sharp set, starting with a white home jersey featuring a tonal feather/palm frond print throughout the top (re-used from a 2020 design) and green trim. The away is the reverse, in green/dark green with a jagged design across the entire shirt.


Mexico Home Kit Mexico Away Kit

Mexico Jersey Supplier: Adidas
Find Mexico Shirts

Mexico is back in their traditional green for the 2022 World Cup. The design features red trim on the collar and shoulder stripes, and a dark geometric pattern on the upper body and sleeves evocative of Aztec art. This design also debuts the new Mexico national team crest. Mexico’s away top is primarily white and red, with an Aztec-inspired design throughout.


Poland Home Kit Poland Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Poland Shirts

Poland is going with a white home shirt, featuring a jagged tonal pattern on the sleeves (very similar if not exactly the same as the one on the Saudi Arabia away). The away red top has a super retro feel, a simple plain shirt with basic sleeve cuffs and collar striping. Overall while nothing spectacular, this is a very classy set.

World Cup Jerseys: Group D:


France Home Kit France Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find France Shirts

The France home shirt is dark navy with gold accents, and a textured pattern throughout the top. The collar and sleeve cuffs feature a oak leaves and olive branches, and the Nike and FFF emblems are done in gold. A simple, stately look for sure. The away is a bit more gaudy, white with a tonal print featuring various French architecture and other scenes, it almost looks like fancy wallpaper.


Australia Home Kit Australia Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Australia Shirts

The Socceroos will be wearing their traditional yellow with green trim on the home shirts, which feature textures throughout the yellow areas drawn from the natural landscape of Australia. The away is a dark navy / mint green affair, which is a standout combo but done in a bit by the weird Nike template.


Denmark Home Kit Denmark Away Kit

Manufacturer: Hummel
Find Denmark Shirts

Denmark’s 2022 World Cup kits are certainly in the running for one of the most interesting in the tournament. At first glance you’d be forgiven to think they are just plain red and white shirts. But the designs are entirely monochrome – the crest, Hummel mark and design elements are all rendered in the same color as the base shirt (the numbers however, will be in a contrasting color due to FIFA rules). The bare design was intentional from Hummel as a protest of Qatar as World Cup host and the nation’s human rights record. Both shirts feature a tonal design that is nearly identical to that of the shirt Denmark wore in 1992 when they won the European Championship.


Tunisia Home Kit Tunisia Away Kit

Manufacturer: Kappa
Find Tunisia Shirts

Tunisia’s kits are relatively simple, but with a historical twist. The tonal design on both shirts is based on the Ksour Essef cuirass, an ancient piece of armor discovered in 1909 in Tunisia, thought to perhaps have belonged to a member of Hannibal’s army. Otherwise, the red and white shirts are unadorned, save for the Tunisia crest and famous Kappa back-to-back logo.

Group E:


Spain Home Kit Spain Away Kit

Manufacturer: Adidas
Find Spain Shirts

Spain will be sporting an understated simple red shirt for the home look, with dark navy and gold trim on the squared v-neck collar. The team badge and Adidas logo are done in all-gold, accentuating the overall simple design. The away is much more distinctive, one of the standout looks of the tournament for sure. A bold wavy design goes down the body of the shirt in light blue, set off with a red and gold centered badge and red/gold Adidas shoulder stripes.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Home Kit Costa Rica Away Kit

Manufacturer: New Balance
Find Senegal Shirts

The Ticos have unveiled a very simple set, the home in red with blue and white trim, and the away the exact reverse. Both feature very wide blue sleeve cuffs and a 3D vinyl badge. It’s basic, but it gets the job done and frankly sometimes it’s better to play it safe like this than overthink things and come up with a design that nobody likes (looking in your direction, US Soccer).


Germany Home Kit Germany Away Kit

Manufacturer: Adidas
Find Germany Shirts

Germany’s traditional white home strip is back, but with a larger serving of black than usual – in the form of a wide center stripe down the front. The German flag colors trim the collar, with the gold Adidas and DFB logos centered on the stripe. The away is a sharper design, with the standard badge placement over the heart and a dark red geometric pattern evocative of the DFB federation logo throughout the top.


Japan Home Kit Japan Away Kit

Manufacturer: Adidas
Find Japan Shirts

Japan’s home is in traditional blue, with silver Adidas accents and a great origami pattern all over the shirt. The origami theme is carried over to the away, with the design featuring only on the sleeves, almost in a red/blue 3D printed effect. Overall Japan has one of the strongest home/away sets for 2022.

Group F:


Belgium Home Kit Belgium Away Kit

Manufacturer: Adidas
Find Belgium Shirts

Belgium will be turning heads for sure with their uniforms for Qatar. The home is red with black sleeves, featuring a bold flame design (that is also repeated on the socks). Perfect for when you’ve got a group F match at 1:00 but you have to host an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Doha at 4:00. The away is still very bold, but in a less xtreme way, mostly white with all of the graphics and trim done in a mutli-color, swirling modern art look.


Canada Home Kit Canada Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Canada Shirts

Despite qualifying for just their second ever World Cup, and first since 1986, Canada is not getting new threads for the tournament. They’ll be wearing the same off-the-rack red and white shirts they’ve had for the last year or so, much to the disappointment of Canadian fans (and shirt aficionados everywhere).


Morocco Home Kit Morocco Away Kit

Morocco Jersey Supplier: Puma
Find Morocco Shirts

Morocco’s 2022 home is an adaptation of their 1998 design, also made by Puma. This time though, it’s a bit simplified as the chest stripe does not continue down onto the sleeves, and it’s got a standard v-neck collar instead of the polo on the original. Both choices make this shirt inferior to it’s inspiration. The away is probably the least offensive of Puma’s slate of “frame” designs for their teams across the World Cup. The round Arabic-art inspired design in tonal grey will circle the number, with simple red and green trim on the sleeves and collar.


Croatia Home Kit Croatia Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Croatia Shirts

Croatia has a new spin on their iconic checkers. The home is white and red as usual, but the design on the body of the shirt is broken up to create uneven areas of white. It’s a bit strange, but somehow it still works and definitely still has their unmistakable look. The away takes a dark blue based and adds the light blue checkers overtop, with an extreme motion blur hitting the design as it goes from the viewers right to left. It’s a daring design but refreshing, as too many away tops are afterthoughts – either inverses of the home, or very basic template designs.

Group G:


Brazil Home Kit Brazil Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Brazil Shirts

Brazil will be sporting their traditional look for both the home and away options, but with some outstanding details. Both tops feature a jaguar spot pattern – the home in a subtle way throughout the entire canary yellow shirt, the away in more flamboyant fashion on just the sleeves. The best bit though is the clever henley collar on the home top, which when opened reveals a secret Brazilian flag inside, using the blue button as the globe seen in the national banner.


Serbia Home Kit Serbia Away Kit

Manufacturer: Puma
Find Serbia Shirts

Serbia’s home top is dark red with gold trim, with a tonal cross pattern throughout the shirt. The new tops debut the sharp new national team crest as well. The away keeps the cross pattern, but adds a variation of Puma’s giant number frame element in gold and silver, complete with the FIFA ‘SRB’ team code which will presumably display under the number.


Switzerland Home Kit Switzerland Away Kit

Switzerland Jersey Supplier: Puma
Find Switzerland Shirts

The Swiss will hit the field in a relatively simple top, all-red and adorned with horizontal pinstripes that fade out as they go down from the shoulders, mimicking (slightly) the gradient effect on the nation’s mid-90s tops. The Puma logo is centered, making way for both the square Swiss flag on the left chest and the Swiss FA emblem on the right, a “double-crest” effect that has been pretty much standard for them for the last decade or so. Switzerland’s away is in the running for silliest shirt of the tournament, as Puma has them wearing what looks like a giant “Hi, My Name is” tag front and center. Grey lines of graduating thickness create a gradient effect behind the aforementioned name tag.


Cameroon Home Kit Cameroon Away Kit

Manufacturer: Le Coq Sportif

As of this time, the Cameroon’s 2022 World Cup kits coming soon.

Group H:


Portugal Home Kit Portugal Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Portugal Shirts

The Portugal home shirt is primarily dark red, with a diagonal section of green at the bottom. The crest and Nike emblem in gold top of the shirt, which also features the textured pattern seen on other Nike shirts this cycle. The away is white with a green and red central chest stripe, roughly mimicking the color ratio from the national flag. The black sleeve cuffs and Nike swoosh are a nice touch that compliment the white/green/red nicely.


Ghana Home Kit Ghana Away Kit

Ghana Jersey Supplier: Puma
Find Ghana Shirts

It will be hard to forget Ghana’s nickname “The Black Stars” with their 2022 home shirt. A massive black star is front and center on the white top, with the national flag colors on the sleeve cuffs. A squared-off collar with a small yellow insert completes the look, but one can help but think if continuing the sleeves’ cuff striping onto the collar (like Senegal’s shirt has) would have been better. Still, a simple yet bold look. Ghana’s away is in bright red, and Puma’s weird frame template design almost works on this one. The bright colors really do pop, but just having the jagged “zig-zag” flag stripe across the chest would have looked better without the giant “GHA” lettering and bottom part of the “frame”.


Uruguay Home Kit Uruguay Away Kit

Uruguay Jersey Supplier: Puma
Find Uruguay Shirts

Uruguay is going with a very straightforward shirt for this year’s tournament. La Celeste will be dressed in their signature blue, with simple white sleeve cuffs and a v-neck, single button collar. Traditionally a basic-strip team, Uruguay hasn’t stayed far from the formula at all, and it’s a good decision because it’s a fine looking top. Puma follows through with their wild number frame theme on the away, a white top that has a large shield of sorts that will house the jersey number. At the top of the shield is the Uruguay flag, the team crest, and a “Uruguay” wordmark that would look cool on a baseball jersey but seems a bit random here.

South Korea

South Korea Home Kit South Korea Away Kit

Manufacturer: Nike
Find Korea Shirts

South Korea’s home shirt for the World Cup is a bold red top, with a black polo collar and detailing, with tonal sublimated tiger stripes down the shoulders and sleeves. The away is a fanciful design in black with red, blue and yellow streaks of color, representing the Taegeuk – the symbol featured on the Korean flag that represents the balance of the universe.


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